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Why do I run to the things that hurt me?

Based off the question "why do I run to the things that hurt me?"

This work focuses on my faith and the frustration I have with finding myself at times running back to things that aren't sustainable, things that won't ultimately satisfy me.

In the humble frame on the left are images that show discipline. It's supposed to represent the spiritual disciplines, the things that will be the most beneficial in life, the things that will truly satisfy me.

In the gaudy frame on the right are images that represent the fun, exciting, enticing things. Things that would lure one in. The lights, the cars, the money, the stuff. Although it appears to be fine, there are cracks in the glass, creating an unstable foundation. Ultimately, this frame represents the things in life that will eventually crack and become worthless, will disappoint, will not last, will not sustain if a lot of trust is placed in these things.

Despite knowing all of this and all the good that comes from being disciplined in his faith, the child in the center still runs to the other frame.

Fall 2022. Image cut outs from books and magazines, glass panes, frames, LED lights

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