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Why third day clay?

Hellooo I’m Jessie, the gal behind third day clay :) My love for clay started in high school where I came to realize working with clay felt kinda intuitive to me! I studied art in college at the University of Florida and learned more about the ceramics world (and fell even more in love with the medium). Since graduating from college, I started up this small business in September and now here we are! I'm currently based in Orlando, FL working out of my humble garage studio. 


The meaning behind the name third day clay is incredibly important to me and is the reason why I am doing what I’m doing! First off, God created clay on the third day of creation. THANK GOODNESS HE DID. Man, he gave me fantastic gifts. A love for creating AND also CLAY?! Phenomenal.


IMG_6658 2.HEIC

Second, Jesus, a perfect, sinless human in history, died and rose from the grave on the third day. Why the heck is this significant? Because it shows God’s incredible love for you and me. He sent Jesus, his very own son, to die to save us from death and to reunite us (imperfect) humans with His (perfect) self. When we believe, we live with God himself, the creator of the universe, now (with His spirit in us), and can look forward to life with Him with no pain and no sadness, forever. In literal perfect harmony.


Because God can’t be in the presence of sin, and because we make mistakes (sin), we humans needed this! Jesus’ death on the cross covers our sins and makes us worthy to be in God’s presence when we truly believe that this death and resurrection on the cross happened. This undeserved favor from God/Jesus is what saves us, not our works. But this faith/belief then propels us to actively turn away from sin and do good works because of his goodness toward us. He wants everyone (YOU) to believe in him and have eternal life; this is not exclusive to a particular group of people.


So all that to say (thank you for staying with me) is that I am here to share this incredible news through the gifts he has given me. I’ve found that believing in Jesus has brought more joy, peace, and purpose (& so much more) into my life, and all I want is the same for you.


There’s definitely a lot more I could say about this, so please reach out if you are interested in talking more about this or have any questions!


Thankful for you.


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