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With this work, I selected certain song lyrics to represent my changing thoughts, feelings, attitudes during a wave of doubt in my faith. Each print somewhat tells its own story or describes each stage of this experience (sheds light on some of the specifics). It also tells a bigger story with the start and end of this doubt, starting with a focus on deep-rooted and inbuilt flaws, progressing to worries, fears, reservations, and ending with somewhat of a hopeful tone, and represents thoughts like "this was only a point in time" or "this doesn't change anything about what I believe".

I started by taking a lyric from a song that fit my "narrative" and imagined what it would look like, taking into account the song's overall feel/tone. Because we were required to make 11 different prints for this project, we had to work quickly, which kind of forced me to roll with whatever popped into my head first. Once I had an idea, I tried to find reference images of objects/scenes that fit what I had in mind for the individual print/lyric and then started the drawing and printing process.

Spring 2023. Stone lithography. Stonehenge paper, ink

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